Timathon is a code jam hosted every 2 months, each consisting of a different theme and allowing yourself to put your skills to the test.

For our code jams, you're in for a chance to win real cash prizes.
(USD) $150$100 and $50 will be split amongst the winning teams.

All top 5 teams, along with the winner and runner up of the category "Best project hosted on replit", will receive a 1 month Replit hacker plan (for the whole team)!

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Programming Addicts

📚 BookSplore is a social platform, as well as a site dedicated to books - with your friends, and in the comfort of your browser! It offers a safe online environment for you to engross yourself in, and explore the world of books with your friends. Make sure to visit our website - https://booksplore.tech/


Solario is a website that helps you explore the beauty of our solar system and space. We provide tons of information for different planets in our solar system as well as a simulation for the solar system. We also have a lot of features like simulations of the solar system, space invader games, and so on! Hope you enjoy it!


✈️ Airborne is a free, open-source platform for people who are enthusiastic about travel and helps them to the explore the various holiday spots around the world. To visit the site head over to https://airborne.kk1729.repl.co where you can search for holiday and staycation spots all over the globe from our handmade database of over 45 locations. You can have a profile with your airborne account which marks all the places you visited, your favorite locations and you reviews on a location.


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